Will Jemison


Chief of Staff

Will Jemison, DHA, MBA is the Chief of Staff to the Dean and CEO of Alice L. Walton School of Medicine. In this role, Jemison drives efficiency in operations and establishes program infrastructure and change management strategy and is a key representative of the Office of the Dean/CEO.

Prior to joining the School, Jemison was the Chief Administrative Officer for Resurrection Healthcare and Catholic Missions of the South in Montgomery, Alabama, where he was responsible for the operational, financial, and compliance needs of an organization focused on providing health care and educational services to infirmed, aged, and marginalized communities.

Jemison has also served as Program Director for the Catholic Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi for a region covering 65 counties throughout the state. There he oversaw diversity and equity programs focused on equitable health access and restorative justice for individuals, families, and communities. Jemison also served as Assistant Director of Homeland Security for the City of Jackson where he helped lead the city's emergency preparedness and response efforts from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Jemison earned his Doctor of Healthcare Administration from Virginia University of Lynchburg and MBA from Louisiana State University. He has traveled the globe and participated in fellowships in Germany, Chile, India, China, and Ghana, where he most recently led discussions between Ghana's Finance and Health Ministers and American entities to increase borehole construction and commercial trade. Jemison is a representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which brings people and issues together to promote sustainable action.

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